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The best part of the college’s academic strategy is its ability to study the students’ subject interest at the micro level and wherever possible, offer them the flexibility to choose their own subjects as per their professional goals. Students are then guided by trained professors who specialize in that course. 

Also, the courses offered in the college are constantly upgraded to cope up with the latest developments and to keep the students at their academic edge. Apart from students, faculty are also specially trained both internally and off campus to gain special subject training to deliver the best to their students.

SEMC is very keen in obtaining only the best to its college and there is no absolutely no compromise on the qualification of its professors. Faculty who are the spine of the college, mostly doctorates, who have exemplified in their research work and hold meritorious accolades to their credit. As the faculty student ratio is 1:30, it is very easy for students to access their faculty for guidance and also for faculty to track their students’ academic improvement. Students who need special attention are recognized and are given special attention towards their academic needs.