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Industry Collaboration



As per Sec. 7 (e) and 7(k) of the CMJ University Act, 2009 (Act 4 of 2009)


The Scientific Manpower Committee (1947), Engineering Personnel Committee(1956), AICTE (1958, 1966, 1969, 1971), Thacker Committee (1961), Kothari Education Commission (1966), National Policy on Education (1968), Ministry of Education, Government of India (1978), Draft National Policy on Education (1979), AIEI (1980), Nayudamma Review Committee (1980), Challenge of Education – a policy perspective, Ministry of Education, GOI (1985), IIT Review Report (1986), National Knowledge Commission (2007) ...... many more committees, commissions, seminars, symposiums……have repeatedly advocated and emphasized on the need for strong university industry linkages in India.

On basis of above said reports and recommendations, the CMJ University has to setup Center for Collaboration of Industry and Institution (CCII) as a constituent to promote Industry Collaborative programme as per section 7(e) and 7(k) of the CMJ University Act 2009 (Act 4 of 2009) for the ability of a nation to use and create knowledge capital determines its capacity to empower and enable its citizens by increasing human capabilities. In the next few decades, India will have the largest set of young people in the world. Following a knowledge-oriented paradigm of development would enable India to leverage this demographic advantage.

It will forge the closer links between the industry / trade and academic faculties and their activities. This kind of interaction will improve exchange of information and facilitate to develop industry associated / related courses and programmes. These kind of educational activity / programmes are characterized by Industry / Institution / People centered approach where, the rigor and standard are maintained on par with the University / College courses. These courses /  programmes judiciously combine flexibility and ingenuity with the regular features of the on-campus and out reach educational programmes Industry Integrated System. Also the teaching / learning activities (course syllabi) and evaluation process and research activities and programmes will be based on established methodologies followed by the University.

This has been principally due to linkages to be established by the university with various industries (Private, Public and service sector), R&D Organizations, development agencies, etc. For this activity, the University is going to evolve several Degree / Diploma / Certificate courses by integrating the working environment of the industry and institutions with learning environment required by the University for prescribed period in a professional location where the students and faculty along with the industry experts get involved in academic curriculum related to functional areas of their interest.

The Industry / Organisation shall also include/s entities established under the following provisions and those engaged in the training, research and allied activities as established under:

  • Industrial houses including companies registered under the Companies Act, 1956;
  • Statutory Organizations including but not limiting to Banking Federations etc;
  • International Organizations (like UNICEF, UNESCO, UNDP etc.);
  • The Societies Registration Act / Co-operative Societies Act, 1959;
  • Public Trust and Private Trust performing public functions;
  • Public Sector Unit and Government Organizations and Departments
  • Non-Profit Companies under Sec 25 of the Companies Act, 1956;
  • Professional Bodies; and
  • Any other legal entities constituted with the primary purpose of furthering education
CMJ University has signed an exclusive agreement with APEX eLearning Technologies Limited on 1st August 2011 to promote Industry Integrated Programs of the University in regular and full time mode in undergraduate, postgraduate, doctorate, diploma and certificate levels through Collaboration of Industry and organizations in the country.

Interested Industry and organizations may coordinate with APEX eLearning Technologies Ltd, to obtain necessary approvals from University as per norms and guidelines of the University for offering Industry Integrated programs. For further details, please refer to the website: